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S/mileage – “Tachiagaaru” Event V Cover Released

1. Tachiagaaru (1st Gen Ver.)
2.Tachiagaaru (Wada Ayaka Close-up Ver.)
3. Tachiagaaru (Maeda Yuuka Close-up Ver.)
4. Tachiagaaru (Fukuda Kanon Close-up Ver.)
5. Tachiagaaru (Sub-member Ver.)

The Event V cover for S/mileage’s Tachiagaaru single has been released.
The tracklist was also released on the S/mileage announcement.

It’s interesting to see that instead of the usual solo versions of the PV they decided to divide them into 5 different PVs, one featuring the original members of S/mileage, three solo versions of the PV for Wada, Yuuka, and Kanon, as well as a sub-member PV.

It’s clear that they have distinguished the sub-members from
the members in the tracklist, but I’m happy that at least they included some kind of reference of the sub-members since they really deserve a chance to shine. Fans of the sub-members will be disappointed that there are no solo shots of them, but we have all seen the PV and are well aware that there aren’t that many shots of them so that may be a reason, although the most likely reason is that they decided to not include them in case someone isn’t chosen to be a full member.

For now I hope S/mileage fans are looking forward to this release since it seems like a great way to balance out this single, and hopefully if anyone is going to the event they get a copy of the Event V since it seems like a perfect way for fans to enjoy S/mileage’s newest release.
The release date is set for 10/15.
S/mileage Site

Mobekimasu- “Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku” Full PV Released

The full PV for Mobekimasu’s “Busu ni Naranai Tesugaku” has been released.
The PV consists of 3 different close up versions of the members, a dance shot, and one of them just posing. It all takes place at the same place which is the black studio with flash lights and throughout the PV it sort of feels like they were at a photoshoot or they were out somewhere dark and they were getting all these paparazzi.

The PV starts off with a somewhat strange dance. They’re all doing the same dance movements but Morning Musume starts off and during Morning Musume’s dance C-ute starts and it repeats itself until the end, they’re all doing the same dance. It’s almost like a domino-harmonizing dance since they’re starting at different times. I like when they do this at concerts but for the PV I find it a bit strange, but hopefully they’ll do this at their next concert since I think that it’s cool. After this point the PV follows the same pattern using the versions of the PV.

The dance shot is pretty obvious, it shows the entire group doing the dance. From the dance shot clips my favorite would have to be the beginning of the 2nd verse where they switch outfits. I just really like that part for some reason. There’s another version of the PV where they’re just standing there posing and the camera has a full length shot of them. After a few moments they spin and another member appears with her pose. I want to say they’re almost like a mannequin doing that but there are a few exceptions here where some of the members move like Sayu did. I’m not sure if everyone appeared doing this part but I’m sure they did since I don’t remember any repeats.
There are sort of 3 different close ups for the PV, I’m not sure if they’re called close ups but they zoom into the members so that’s what I’m saying they are. The first would be of the group shot with the members singing the lines at the front. I really like this shot since it shows everyone just playing around and dancing. I don’t want to ruin the PV for anyone but my favorite part in this clip was a group of members were playing London’s Bridge.

The other close up doesn’t appear as often but it only shows the members singing, it’s like most other PV close ups where it’s just them and nothing else but the background. The last close up features everyone individually. This is the one that was briefly shown with the leaders and Mano doing a funny face. I think it would’ve been much much better if it featured all the other members doing a funny face too, and I was expecting that to happen but unfortunately it just shows the other members smiling.

Finally since we get a chance to see whose singing there are a few mains for this song and it’s pretty obvious who they are since they usually lead in their groups and they were dominate on the LE cover. The song has Gaki, Riho, Reina, Risako, Miyabi, Maeda, Maimi, and Airi. They’re featured mainly singing on the 1st and 2nd verse with Reina, Airi and Risako having a solo line. On the LE cover Mano did have a large picture than most of the other members but I didn’t see her sing any of the verses so maybe her’s was larger because she was a soloist. It might be unfair that they were leading most of the time but I think that the Gaki and Maeda duo was really amazing. I didn’t recognize their voices at all and they did really well together.

Overall the PV is amazing and I hope that I didn’t give too much away so please enjoy the PV. Also if you like the PV and the song please support H!P and reserve a copy, the single will be released on 11/16.

Berryz Koubou & C-ute Official Profile Picture Updated

Berryz Koubou & C-ute’s official profile picture has been updated with their outfits from Amazuppai Haru ni Sakurasaku.
There’s not much differences from each picture but I wanted to make comments on all of them since they’re all unique in their own ways and each member stands out differently for me.

First up Maimi, she looks really flawless here and the way her hair is parted back makes her look much older than her age but still makes her look beautiful.

In her close up shot you can see a bit of her hair accessory but because of the color and the small amount sticking out it looks a bit weird, like something is popping out from her head but other than that minor photography flaw she looks real cute and beautiful here.

On the official page they show little thumbnails of the photos, in Nakky’s thumbnail I thought she was Kamei Eri for a bit there and in her close up she does look like it. Her hairstyle is quite similar to Airi’s but she looks also looks beautiful here in her own way.
Chisato’s full lenght picture looks really cute since it looks as though she’s skipping or doing some sort of dance. I think if her flower accessory was placed on the other side of her ear it would’ve look nicer since we could actually see it.
Mai’s picture makes her look a bit more mature since her hands are placed in front of her body and in her close up one I get the feeling that she’s almost rooting for everyone because of the way her hand is placed.
I don’t like Risako’s new hair too much in this single since her bangs frame her head, it’s something new but I’ll get use to it. She looks pretty in her photos and there’s not much difference between the two photos except that she’s slightly turned in one.
Momoko is cute as always and her hairstyle here matches her very well. It looks like she’s the only member with a ring accessory but I can’t be sure since the other members cover up part of their hands.

Chinami’s smile is really a unique one for me, her smile always says that she’s a very upbeat person and it really shows in the photo here. Her pose here is very similar to Momoko’s but I think Chinami’s one looks less cute like and it looks like it’s more of an action picture, like she’s about to jump.

Maasa is very similar to Risako’s photo, her hands are in front of her body and there’s not much difference between the two shots. I am very curious as to if Maasa has a hair accessory or not but with or without a hair accessory she looks wonderful.

The one thing that stands out for me here would be her hair accessory. It looks real nice on her and gives a serene feeling, her sash also looks cute on her and I like the “sakura” feel they gave Captain.

Miyabi’s nails and her earring is a real eye catcher here mainly because it stands out because of the color. I like Miya’s hair when it was longer but a short cut also suits her well here.

Yurina looks amazing here and I like the color of her hair accessory. She looks just as beautiful as the other members and there’s no really nothing wrong with the photo at all.

Overall everyone is gorgeous here and even with the minor little flaws they’re still awesome. The outfits for everyone really matches the song and hopefully everyone will reserve a copy of their single and support Berryz Koubou and C-ute.

C-ute Page
Berryz Koubou Page

“UP UP Girls vs THE Possible” FC Event Announced

A new FC event featuring UP UP Girls and TNX’s THE Possible was announced earlier this week.
This special FC event will take place near mid-November, the first titled THE Possible vs UP UP Girls and the second titled UP UP Girls vs THE Possible.

I would have never imagined that we would see these two groups appear at an event together since they seem to have two very different images (THE Possible actually releasing singles and albums while the Up Up Girls only cover songs), and while that might be the case it seems like an amazing opportunity to promote the two groups and show off their talent.

The different order of the titles is most likely due to one group taking charge of each one of the sections, so we might be able to see members of THE Possible do the MCs and lead the songs for the first event while the Up Up Girls do the same for the second, but there is a chance that it’s just a small change of words.

Despite that I hope many fans in the area who are part of the FC can check out the event one it starts in November since it seems like a rare opportunity to see a UFA group collaborate with a TNX group, and while it might be a bit too early to say so I hope we can see them in other events in the future as well.

The FC event will take place on 11/12 at 14:30 and 18:30 at Shibuya O West in Tokyo.

Hello! Project FC Site

Takahashi Ai “Morning Musume Alo Hello 2011″ Android PB App Released

A special Takashi Ai Android app featuring pictures from Morning Musume’s Alo Hello 2011 has been released.

Here are some more samples:

An Android app PB release is nothing new in UFA since quite a lot of members have had at least one and while it might be only available on Android devices (due to Apple’s strict policy) it seems that Ai-chan fans will be able to enjoy yet another impressive release from Hawaii.

For the most part it seems that it only includes pictures from the Alo Hello Morning Musume 2011 PB so anyone who has it will probably find some of the images familiar, but the description mentions that there are some unpublished shots in the app, along with a slightly hard to understand English description:
It is a photograph collection application of a new sense.
The screen moves up and down and right and left, and there are a lot of effects of production of the tremble of the screen etc.
It would be better to be able to satisfy it with many of the beauty image of which it takes a picture for the photograph collection surely.
The graduation commemorative photos collection [Alo-Hello! MORNING MUSUME。2011].
Digital photograph collection which uses many unpublished photographs .
The precious cut which Ai Takahashi photoed at the end as Morning Musume is contained.
From what I can tell there are quite a lot of effects in the app so fans will be able to enjoy the pictures fully, and from the three samples above it’s easy to tell that many fans will want to get the app since there are many impressive shots of her, such as one featuring her in a yellow bikini, in a flower patterned bikini, and in a colorful dress.

The price for the app is around $6 or $7 US dollars, so if you have an Android device I suggest you take a look into the app if you haven’t already bought the PB, but the promise of new and unpublished pictures might be enough to convince many to get the app so hopefully anyone who is interested will get it.

Android Market Link To App

S/mileage Sub-Members Are Now Official Members

UPDATE: Results confirmed by S/mileage’s official site, congratulations to everyone!
At today’s S/mileage Tachiagaaru event the sub-members were announced to be full members.

As most of you might remember a while back Tsunku announced that the sub-members who were chosen would pass through a test in order to find out who would be part of S/mileage, and along with the usual dancing and singing judging there was also a Smile campaign announced with stricter rules, which all combined would give Tsunku an idea of who would be a perfect member for the group.

According to fan reports from 2ch some of the members were already crying as they arrived to the stage, and after a long VTR showing off the path that the sub-members passed through the members were announced, and not surprisingly all of them made it.

I somewhat expected to see all of them join in since it would seem very disappointing for some of the members to not pass while others did, and thankfully all of them did get to join the group after months of hard work so congratulations to all of them for their hard work in proving that they are worthy S/mileage members.

Congratulations to Katsuta, Nakanishi, Meimi, and Takeuchi on becoming full members of S/mileage! Site Site
Nikkan Sports Site
News 24 Site
S/mileage Site

S/mileage 8th Single Announced, Titled “Please Mini Skirt Post

After S/mileage’s new members were announced, S/mileage 8th single titled Please Mini Skirt Post Woman!! has been announced during the event.

This will be the first single to feature officially Takeuchi Akari, Katsuta Rina, Tamura Meimi and Nakanishi Kana as members of S/mileage.

A new single was to be expected with the new member’s announcement since this will be a fresh new start for S/mileage after the temptative single Tachiagaaru to test the sub-member’s skills, and I have to say that the title once again surprises me in a good way since it has a S/mileage vibe to it with the Mini Skirt part (on notice, S/mileage’s 3 main members’s skirts have become shorter), and the title overall is a very catchy and cute title all in English that might also refer to the sub-members saying “Please Mini Skirt” as if they are reclaiming their mini skirts now that they are full members, so I’m highly anticipating this release and wondering if they will come up with an original theme and new fresh song to welcome the new members.

Since this is chapter 2 of S/mileage history, I’m really excited to see the new members in action since we didn’t get to hear them sing at all in the last single, but because they were all chosen, they must have great potential and a good bond, so I’m excited to see them more in the upcoming PV (that will hopefully have some cute catch like the mustache man in Ganbaranakutemo ee Nende or the mama played by Tsuji in Onaji Jikyuu de Hataraku Tomodachi no Bijin Mama) and hear their singing voices a little more now that they are fully a part of the group.

Overall, I’m really excited about this release mainly to see what the new members are capable of and how they will interact and fit in the group with the 3 main members, and with such a lovely title, the single has to be as great as S/mileage’s past releases.

Hopefully everyone can start reserving their copies soon to support the new S/mileage and see what the new members are worth!

The release date is set for 12/28.

S/mileage’s site official announcement

Michishige Sayumi – “Sayuminglandoll” PB Cover Released 
The PB cover for Michishige Sayumi’s 8th PB titled Sayuminglandoll has been released.
When I first saw the cover, I was kind of shocked to see such a picture used since Sayu is posing in a very small and tight pink fur outfit while holding a heart-shaped sign that says Hello, and alongside her veru unusual wig and the big title, I was kind of repulsed when I first took a glance at it.

After getting into details, I realized that the cover actually is very nicely done to show off the PB’s title and theme since it’s somewhat related to the doll theme with Sayu in what seems to be a bunny outfit, and the frame that was chosen for the image to be put in as well as the font used for the title add up to make it look like a 1990′s poster of some sort, with Sayu being the main focus in the golden frame alongside the huge blue and white title that looks similar to the ones used on candy parlors.

Overall, I find this cover quite interesting since it’s like nothing H!P has done before, and even though it might be a little daring and showing off more cute Sayu with the pink than her sexy character that we saw in her last PB La, I’m sure all of her fans will be glad to own a copy of the PB.

Hopefully every Sayu fan can pick up a copy because even though this cover is less beautiful than her previous ones, it’s still overall very cute and represents Sayu’s personality as well as the theme of the PB.

The release date is set for 10/27.

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