Hello! Project Mobekimasu – “Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku” PV Preview Released

The PV preview for Hello! Project Mobekimasu’s single titled Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku has been released.

The PV mainly takes place in one setting which is a black shiny floor with lights behind that makes it look like an enlightened stage, and I have to say that even though the setting is one, the variety in the shots such as a bit of the dance shot performed in the dark where we see the girl’s shadows or the various poses of each member when the camera is looking up to them add up a really nice effect to the PV since it makes it look elegant and professional.

Apart from that, the preview shows us clear scenes which are: various poses form the members in slow motion on a stage with an unusual camera angle and light effects, the close-up version where we get to see the girls in front of a heavily lighted background, a fun piece where the leaders of each group make funny faces one after the other, as well as the dance shot in both outfits that has many angles and the group lines where the girls are all standing together looking up to the camera and moving all around that I find really fun since having so many members appear one after the other or one at a time definitely makes the PV interesting to watch.

Overall, I’m really amazed by how well the editing of the PV was done and by the professional-looking scenes it contained and I really can’t wait to see the whole PV since it seems like they did a great job of showing off each member individually as well as setting up unusual couples for the group lines (in this case, Yuuka, Airi and Maimi), so hopefully we’ll get to see the full version soon!
The release date is set for 11/16.