Morning Musume 10th Generation Members Announced

The members of Morning Musume’s 10th generation have been announced.
Here are the 4 members:

Iikubo Haruna (16 years old)

Ishida Ayumi (14 years old)

Satou Masaki (12 years old)

Kudou Haruka (11 years old)

I’m really impressed by the members he chose since they seem like surprising additions to the group, but for the most part it seems that he balanced out the 10th generation fairly well. There’s the dancing ace Ayumi who will no doubt add to the group a large amount of talent, as well as Haruka who was among the fairly popular choices for the group.
Iikubo wasn’t among my top choices but she did fairly well in her recent judging so I’m happy for her, but the surprising addition for this generation is Masaki since she didn’t seem to be a fan favorite at first. I can see why Tsunku decided to add her since she improved the most by far when she sang, so after considering that I was happy with his decision.
Unfortunately the biggest fan favorite Murakami Sara didn’t make it, and by far it seems that many are disappointed with this decision, me as well, since she seemed like an obvious pick for the group due to her unique and natural talent that stood out since day one. A fan poll on 2ch also ranked her at first so it’s safe to say that almost everybody supported her, so the lack of her being in the group is fairly notable and will most likely be a large complaint from everybody if this is the final 10th generation list.
Karin was also a fan favorite and while she didn’t appear in the final 8 she was still regarded as a member who would make it in as a surprise, similar to Mizuki, although it seems that she won’t be in this generation (she probably decided not to audition for Momusu after S/mileage, we won’t know for sure).
Hopefully Tsunku will at least add Sara as an Egg since she seems like a perfect addition to any group, but for now here are the 10th generation members, a fairly solid group that will no doubt bring with them their unique talents and skills to the group.

Ikubo Haruna- Has a surprising “pure” personality. And her looks (face) are gorgeous. I believe she has the determination to bring her singing to a suitable level. That is why she passed.
Ishida Ayumi- Her singing and dancing were outstanding. Also, her personality is as firm as a stone (a play on the “ishi” in her last name). I believe the history of Morning Musume can be passed on to her from here on out. That is why she passed. (Sounds like he has really high expectations of Ayumi! Based on this, I expect her to pick up some of Ai-chan’s old lines)
Sato Masaki- The level of her dancing and singing is below the other three now, but she has a potential (literally raw ore) that she has yet to realize herself. Also, her skill level rose considerably during the audition. That is why she passed.
Kudo Haruka- She has experience as an egg, and she really loves singing. Also, the “gap” between her face and her husky voice is interesting (basically, she looks tiny and cute, but she has a deep voice, and that’s unusual). I hope that she can help to bring together the 10th generation members and the current members as soon as possible. (I guess because she’s in 10th gen, and she’s worked with current MM in the stage play) That is why she passed.

by hello sayunii