Takahashi Ai Is Now Part Of The M-line Club

Takahashi Ai is now part of the M-line club.
Ai-chan’s graduation was always mentioned to be only from Momusu and Hello! Project so it was just a matter of time until we got a confirmation that she would be part of M-line since it includes all Momusu members that are still part of UFA, and not surprisingly we did, although it’s great news for everyone since that means that Ai-chan’s performances will be easier to follow and she will also have her own FC.

We haven’t recieved a confirmation that she will be part of Dream Morning Musume though, but she will probably focus more on her acting for now so we have no idea if she will be part of the group in the future. Despite that I look forward to finding out if she will since that would mean that we would get to see her perform along with the other DMM members at concerts (if they continue to do so).

For now I’m glad to see that Ai-chan will still be part of UFA since it gives everyone a chance to follow her releases and events better due to her profile page as a member of UFA, and while it’s empty now we will probably see many events and performances appear once she starts her acting and hopefully her singing career.
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