all new japanese idol magazine downloads [late september 2011]

ENTAME 2011 No.07
[月刊エンタメ] 2011 No.07 吉木りさ 杉原杏璃 愛衣 桃瀬美咲 秋山莉奈 村上友梨 [35p]

Weekly Playboy Magazine 2011 No.40
[週刊プレイボーイ] 2011 No.40 小嶋陽菜 逢沢りな 小倉優子 吉木りさ 原幹恵 富樫あずさ [50p]

TopQueen 2011 No.74 Maya Sano
[TopQueen] 2011.09.16 #74 佐野真彩@私服 [32P4.4MB]

FRIDAY 2011.05.27
[フライデー] 2011.05.27 渡辺麻友 吉木りさ 野村佑香 AKB48 [24p]

Monthly Young Magazine 2011 No.10
[月刊ヤングマガジン] 2011 No.10 吉木りさ 奥仲麻琴 [17p]
(+ ヤングアニマル嵐 スタンドPOP 吉木りさ)

Young Magazine 2011 No.42
[ヤングマガジン] 2011 No.42 YM7 谷桃子 丸高愛実 伊藤えみ 守永真彩 秋月三佳 [18p]

FRIDAY 2011.10.07
[フライデー] 2011.10.07 相武紗季 たかはし智秋 三浦理恵子 安めぐみ 小倉優子 高橋愛 [45p]

YS Web Vol.426 Rina Aizawa
[YS Web] Vol.426 Rina Aizawa 逢沢りな 『想い出の夏』 [99P+4Mov294MB]

EX Taishuu 2011 No.10
[EX大衆] 2011 No.10 横山由依 杉本有美 篠崎愛 松本さゆき 中村静香 横山ルリカ [55p]

ENTAME 2011 No.08
[月刊エンタメ] 2011 No.08 指原莉乃 佐山彩香 中村静香 小泉麻耶 theポッシボー [73p]

Young Jump 2011 No.43
[ヤングジャンプ] 2011 No.43 ももいろクローバーZ 藤原令子 [15p]

アサ芸Secret 2011 Vol.13
[アサ芸シークレット] 2011 Vol.13 熊田曜子 松本さゆき 山本梓 吉木りさ 佐山彩香 中村静香 [42p]

Young Champion 2011 No.19
[ヤングチャンピオン] 2011 No.19 高城亜樹 富樫あずさ 和田絵莉 [14p]

All new digital book No.85 download

Hello! Project Digital Books No.85 Rika Ishikawa
[H!P Digital Books] 2011.09 No.85 Rika Ishikawa 石川梨華 [111P47MB]

Fairies celebrate their major debut with a mini performance in Yokohama

Today, idol group Fairies held a debut live event at the Queen’s Square in Yokohama, Kanagawa to celebrate their major debut.

Fairies had their official major debut on September 21st, but the group had rapidly been gathering a lot of fans long before the release of their debut single. This became evident at the event, when the seven young junior high school girls were bathing in loud chants from their fans while putting on two beautiful performances of “More Kiss” and “Song For You“.
Before singing the two songs, the girls heated up the event with a little dance performance that was taught them by DA PUMP’s KENZO.
They sincerely thanked their fans and talked about their big idol, labelmate Amuro Namie. Fujita Miria said, “She’s our most-admired senior, and we are going to work hard in order to be able to get a little closer to her!

After the event, the girls each shared their thoughts. Most of them were amazed by the growth of their audience compared to the events they had before the debut. Inoue Rikako commented, “All the chants that reached us on stage were amazing. They totally lifted our spirit!Nomoto Sora added, “I was really happy that the event attracted a crowd of all ages. There were older people, there were children, and there even were people our age.
The event also deepened their bonds with the fans, as mentioned by Fujita. She said, “I heard people calling my name, at the handshake event people one after another vowed to support me, and some some even gave me letters. That made me so happy.
All those who bought their CD were able to participate in the mentioned handshake event that day.
Fairies are working hard in order to be able to stand on bigger stages in the future, but their future seems to be looking very bright with such a rapidly growing number of fans.

2NE1 reveals Japanese PV for “Lonely”

On September 21st, Korean girl group 2NE1 released their debut Japanese album, ‘Nolza‘, and they simultaneously released a PV preview for “Lonely“, one of their most noted ballads.

“Lonely” was originally released in Korean, but the girls brought it over to Japan as a track in their debut mini-album. They filmed a brand new PV with scenes that really hammered home the feelings of emptiness and desolation.

Check out their PV below:

NMB48 releases MV for “Oh My God!”

The girls of idol group NMB48 released the full version of the music video for their second single, Oh My God!“.

The covers of the single already teased the cute cheerleading outfit and their fans were looking forward to see them in the music video. However, at first we get to see the girls disguised as a female soccer team playing a tough match against a rival school.
The two motives of the video, the soccer team and the cheerleading squad, have both been chosen to portray the song’s theme of ‘youth’.
Check out the music video for “Oh My God!” below!

Berryz Koubou’s and C-ute’s collaboration

On September 23rd, a radio rip of Berryz Koubou’s and C-ute’s collaboration single, “Amazuppai Haru ni Sakurasaku” (set for release on November 9th) was unveiled!

This 5-minute audio features the members singing harmoniously to a sweet and upbeat melody. The groups also announced that the song would serve as the ending theme for horror movie, “Ousama Game“.

sadly the radio rip is no longer available to listen to but ill will post one when i can :-)