tsuji nozomi ~ chibi devil promo video

and yes this is nonos daughter, shes so cute....awwwwww....:-)

Memories (Dramatic Short Film)


I recently received an email from the director of this short film making me aware of the following:

"Hey there, I was wondering if you would want to share this short film I made featuring emo-type boys? 
They shared it on the MilkBoys blog and board. :-)"
-Harrison John Bahe-

It is actually one of the finest touching efforts I have seen in quite a while, even being a "low budget" film! So watch it please and decide for yourself or comment on it.

**A boy writes a letter to his best friend about the best memories they shared together.**

"I am so proud to be the maker of this film but the credit has to go to Dietrich Thiele for coming up with the idea. It's such an amazing feeling knowing that our film touched the hearts of thousands and I can't thank you all enough for your awesome comments. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"     NavajoJoeFilms

Ps: This video reminded me of an earlier post of my 2 friends: "Bloodworks"


akb48 poster 2010

collectors image No.113 kira pika

Okai Chisato youtube videos

Since uploading her own dance videos on C-ute's official Youtube channel, C-ute member Okai Chisato is releasing her first digital single, LOVE Namida Iro, on iTunes. Which is more commonly know as Matuura Aya's 3rd single. It seems like she's finally getting noticed by H!P and UFA.

This has been a good couple of months for one of H!P's favorite underdog. She's releasing her first photobook and DVD, and now she's releasing her first digital single. Digital single or not, this is the first solo single by any C-ute member. Even though she's one of my least favorite H!P members I am extremely happy for her. She's always shoved in the back, so I'm glad she's getting a little bit of attention. Even if it is only for a brief moment. I also always did like her voice. It was unique and probably one of the deepest in H!P currently.

I think Chisa picked the absolute perfect song as her solo song. She has basically the same pitch and tone as Ayaya. When I listened to Chisato singing it for a split second I thought it was Ayaya. So Chisa did an amazing job.

heres the original music video.

and heres a few other videos made by Okai Chisato.

article by AimxAim
published by etchi

c-ute ~ christmas night version

mai hagiwara wallpaper

this wallpaper has been produced in a smaller size for smaller devices :-) 

collectors image No.112 mai hagiwara

mai hagiwaras 5th collectors image please let us know if you would like to see more of mai hagiwara :-)

okai chisato dvd and photobook preview

from the you tube c-ute channel

momoiro clover boys sports apparal photoshoot

collectors image No.111 canary club

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collectors image No.110 koharu kusumi

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the final image in the koharu kusumi sub series we hope you enjoyed her images we continue our collectors image series next with some single images but please request more sub sets and girls for the series....

koharu kusumi bonus wallpaper

collectors image No.109 koharu kusumi

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Koharu Kusumi bonus wallpaper

collectors image No.108 Koharu Kusumi

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morning musume fantasy cover art

south korea forbids school girl idols

South Korean Government has decided that Janey [pictured right], a member of the Korean Pop group GP Basic, is breaking the infamous "Youth Protection Act", a document that just a couple of years ago, criminalized the gay and lesbian culture. -__-

Now, it's the turn of rorikon culture, of course, forbidding the public participation of a 11 years old woman, just because the lyrics and the choreography of the songs she performs could be interpreted as "sexual". O_O

As the Japanese media has reported, GP Basic has an average age of 13.5 years, which makes the group "politically incorrect". -__-

The dominant discourse about teenagers and children sexuality that has embraced by the United States of America and its allies, category in which enter South Korea, assume that the children can't be "sexy" or "sexual", and that's why it's consider "illegal" to display them in a "sexy" or "sexual" way. -__-

Unfortunately, the social reality shows us everyday that this kind of belief is not true, but it's difficult to oppose to the dominant discourse about teenagers and children sexuality, because in the social imaginary of countries as United States of America and their allies, "sex" is consider "bad", "polluted", "a sin", etc. But, in the same social imaginary, "children" are consider "good", "pure" and "divine", etc. Of course, no one of those opinions are true, just are imaginary notions. -__-

As critical readers, we must ask to themselves: even considering the reports of supposed violations of underage Idols' Human Rights, why South Korea Government consider that is "bad" for a Primary School student to dance and sing in an "erotic" or a "sexual" way? O_O

Even more, why the South Korea Government thinks that has the right to forbid or to allow to a children the right of participate in the entertainment industry? o_O

What is next? To forbid all the Japanese U-15 Idols' products, including S-mileage's, Sweets', Berryz Kobo's, °C-ute's, or even, SPEED's DVDs, records and photo-books? o_O

Why the South Korea Government is embracing the sexual children hysteria? It's just a political measure from the United States of America to press Japanese Government for forbidding all U-15 Idols' products? O_O

Here's the English translation of the lyrics of "Game", GP Basic's first single, so you can check, by yourselves, how "sexy" or "sexual" their contents are. Put attention to Janey's parts:


[Janey] Ayo who wanna get the talk, to you I’m a two faced crow.

I’m your modest fox! Action! My show has already started, let’s go!

[Hannah] Because of you the fact that I’m calling you again is so foolish.

[Leah] Like a small child, I keep asking please choose, you’re pretty damn narrow minded.

[Zion] Go go go, come into my eyes, pretty boy boy boy.

Please speak more truthfully, my boy.

[Trinity] Oh, the window I can see you through is foggy.

Now come in up back towards you, don’t stop it, say it, he say.

[All] Come to me, one step two step, come to me my step.

Don’t be nervous and don’t stop boy.

The time goes tic toc tic tock, tick tick my talk.

I stole your two eyes and your heart, one two three get back.

[Hannah] Just like that boy, sit down with me, I’ve already won the big game.

[Leah] You’re already mine. My thoughts are yours, please look only at me while looking into my eyes.

[Zion] Go go go, come into my eyes, pretty boy boy boy.

Please speak more truthfully, my boy.

[Trinity] Oh, the window I can see you through is foggy.

Now come in up back towards you, don’t stop it, say it, he say.

[All] Come to me, one step two step, come to me my step.

Don’t be nervous and don’t stop boy.

The time goes tic toc tic tock, tick tick my talk.

I stole your two eyes and your heart, one two three get back.

[Janey] Let’s play my cutey, pretty, like it, just my quick plan.

[Trinity] You and I have become one big game.

[Janey] Missing your eyes, you’re kissing my cheek.

[Trinity] Oh everybody download my spotlight, your hand on my shoulder.

[Janey] Everybody listen back up don't touch my toy (game over now) come on.

[All] Come to me, one step two step, come to me my step.

Don’t be nervous and don’t stop boy.

The time goes tic toc tic tock, tick tick my talk.

I stole your two eyes and your heart, one two three get back.

so let us know your views on this subject guys and girls, do you think that some members of k-pop and j-pop groups are to young and if so why?....

collectors image No.107 koharu kusumi

collectors image No.107
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yurina kumai 2nd solo photobook download

link by nuPh

thankyou my freinds

Im so sorry that the postings have been few and far between over the last few days, maybe even weeks, but i have been so busy of late so please accept my appology.

smileage new album art and tracklist


1.- Onaji Jikyuu de Hataraku Tomodachi no Bijin Mama

2.- Odorou yo

3.- Onna Bakari no Nichiyoubi

4.- Yume Miru 15sai

5.- Shooting Star
6.- ○○ Ganbaranakutemo ee Nende!!

7.- Suki-chan

8.- Gakkyuu Iinchou

9.- Shikkari Shite yo! Mou

10.- Otona ni Narutte Muzukashii!!!

11.- Asu Wa Date na no ni, Ima Sugu Koe ga Kikitai

12.- aMa no Jaku

this is the new album artwork for the upcoming and long awaited debut album from smileage the album is released demostically in japan on the 8th december 2010

collectors image No.104 Koharu Kusumi

Koharu Kusumi wallpaper

Koharu Kusumi collectors wallpaper

790 x 563

collectors image No.103 Koharu Kusumi

collectors image No.102 Koharu Kusumi

well Koharu Kusumi is to get her own run of collectors images starting with this very image, our new runs or sub series will now be unnumbered and will only feature the actual collectors image number, this is to avoid further confusion as in the past, there is to be quite a few image of Koharu Kusumi so i hope you enjoy :-)

also coming soon we have a christmas run of images and a mai hagiwara run, please lat us know your thought on these images and request other j pop stars for the future too.

c-ute christmas 2010 promotional music video

buono not going anywhere

well buono fans, after some talk about the group splitting up now that pony canyon has finished with shuga chara it is with great pleasure that i announce that they have a new single intitled BAM BOO which will has a street date in japan of 12th january 2011, its not clear yet weather they are still signed to pony canyons piccalo lable or weather sony or zitima have picked them up, only time will tell :-)

Peyton Amber - "PATENT" CD



Peyton Amber, born 16 May 1994, is the youngest of three siblings from the North Eastern suburbs. She discovered her love for music at a very young age and decided to pursue singing as a career. Peyton currently attends school at TTA (The Training Academy) in Edenvale, Johannesburg. She started her music career singing in various karaoke competitions. In May 2009, she placed 3rd in a competition held by Karaoke Connection in East Rand. She frequently sang as a guest artist with Southern Comfort (a 2-piece group) at pubs and restaurants in the Midrand and East Rand such as the Keg, Trotters and Saints. In May 2010, Peyton joined the Pizzazz Entertainment, to do a 4 night show at Wits theatre, which was a very beneficial experience for her. She has started to perform solo in restaurants and feels at home singing to people.

Her hobbies include fashion, golf and high jump, where she excels in at school. She has a deep appreciation for modern art as well as tattoos. Her main interest is music, and she is influenced by Paramore, Flyleaf and Celine Dion. She is broadening her music talent by taking guitar, piano and vocal courses.

In 1980 Butch Brocco formed the band with Patric Van Blerk’s guidance called “BUTCH”. He
released a self composed single called “Café Casablanca” about a coffee bar in Rocky Street,
Johannesburg. The song received extensive airplay and was regarded as a “radio hit” because it was played three times a day for 11 weeks on Radio 702 (a music station at the time). “BUTCH” was nominated for the Sarie Awards in the same year. The band was popular on the club circuit after which the members of the band pursued their own interests.

The 7" single above  and the menu cover below.

Click on above images to go to the Facebook page.

Café Casablanca: The Video

In 2000, Butch Brocco formed a record label called “Ridge Music” to release a CD of self composed songs for a kids group (the “Sugar Kids”). He managed them together with Jenny Ramie. The CD was sold at various gigs where they performed.
The “Sugar Kids” enjoyed success by performing at shopping centres and had the privilege to perform at Nelson Mandela’s Children Day at Zoo Lake. The group was together for four years and then disbanded and Ridge Music was put on hold.

In 2009, Ridge Music CC was reformed and a studio was built and equipped at 42 Hannaben Street, Linksfield Ridge by Butch Brocco. At the same time he was introduced
to “Peyton Amber” where she was performing at a restaurant in Boksburg. Butch and Peyton collaborated to do their first CD “PATENT”. This took a year and a half to record as Peyton is still at school and Butch has a construction company.

Butch has now taken over managing Peyton’s career through Ride Music.
After a lot of hard work and dedication Peyton and Butch are proud of the final result andhope to get the deserved support by all in the Industry and the public.

WEBSITE: Peyton Amber

Facebook: Peyton Amber

My Space: Peyton Amber

Email: butchbrocco@icon.co.za

Telephone: +27 82 900 3965

This is in "Afrikaans language" 
- If you still like to read it, open the picture in a new window and click the + sign.