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How to Talk to Emo Boys

Been admiring an Emo Guy from afar and want to finally talk to him? Talking to an Emo guy is different from talking to an ordinary guy, as you've probably noticed. So if you're having some trouble trying to figure out how to take the first step, then this article is for you. Read on.


  1. Give him some space. Don't rush up to him and start blurting at the first opportunity. Unless you're dead lucky, this will probably irritate/startle/freak him out a lot. So try and give him a little space-- don't stare too much, don't be too heavy, etc.
  2. Find out what he's interested in. You don't have to dig to find out what he likes and what he's interested in. Some ways to figure this out would be:
    • Observing his clothes. T-shirts with band names or pictures on them may be a dead giveaway to what he's interested in, so keep your eyes peeled.
    • Studying his possessions. Don't become a freaky stalker, but try to get a glimpse of his bag, or something like that. Why he has a bag, I don't know but if he does just walk away. But what's on there may also give you a clue of what he's interested in.
    • Observing his friends. It might help even more if you know them. They might have the same interests; you can look at what they do together-listen to music, talk about a certain band etc.
  3. Do Your Research on Emo Culture. If you know a little - or a lot - about the Emo culture, you're more likely to have a good conversation and impress him. So look them up. Try to find some Emo bands and give them a listen.
  4. Find the right time. Don't try to strike up a flirtatious conversation if he's tied to a train track. Okay, that may not happen, but use your common sense to figure out when would be the best time to talk to him. If he's in trouble or looking irritated, avoid chatting-you'll most probably get negative results. But if he looks pretty normal and isn't busy, gather up your courage and try your luck.
  5. Don't babble. If you don't talk often, babbling away about yourself--or him--may startle or annoy him. You don't want to scare him off if you've come this far. Try to keep it short and sweet. Talk about something that he can contribute to as well-- it makes the conversation a lot better and more enjoyable.
  6. Compliment him. Everyone loves a compliment, so if you want to please him, give him one. As you probably know, complimenting an Emo guy is a little different. But here are some basic things you can say to him:
    • "Did you get that shirt at a show? It's awesome."
    • "I like your (item of clothing/possession)-- where'd you get it?"


  • Don't push him around or be annoying in front of him.
  • Try to be yourself because it's incredibly difficult to keep a fake personality going once you know someone better.
  • Don't act emo if you're not- there's no better person than a emo to tell you're a fake.


  • Some emo boys may be gay, be careful he isn't (or is!) before you start flirting with him.
  • He may laugh at you if you appear to be trying too hard.
  • Make sure he doesn't have a girlfriend or like anybody- if you try flirting he'll reject you.
  • Some emo guys mostly only like emo girls.
  • Emo guys are emotional, sensitive and sentimental so be sure to choose your words carefully.









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