Michisige Sayumi’s 8th PB Tiled “Sayuminglandoll”

Michishige Sayumi’s 8th PB’s title has been revealed to be Sayuminglandoll (Land of Sleeping with a Sayumi Doll).
WhenI first read the title, I was kind of shocked to see such a long title that actually is related to Sayumi in a direct way since it’s quite a difference form her last PB “La”, but nonetheless, I’m really happy to see that they picked out something exclusive and cute that no other idol would have as a title for her PB since that’s what Sayu’s all about.
Apart from that, the title somewhat translates to Land of Sleeping with a Sayumi Doll which I can’t seem to explain properly, but since we got an image preview of one of her looks from her blog before where she wore a straight-banged long hairstyle and heavy make-up that made her look like a doll, I can assume that we’ll get amazing shots of Sayu in a doll’s costume or look in the PB and this makes the title even more interesting.
Overall, I’m really excited into finding out more details about the content of the PB and specially if the cover will have a doll-themed image on it or not, so hopefully those details will be out soon since for now, I really like how unique the title is and how much it relates to Sayumi directly and to her cute character.
The release date is set for 10/27.
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