Hello! Project Mobekimasu Official YouTube Channel Opened

An official YouTube channel for Hello! Project Mobekimasu has been opened!
When I first saw that a new channel for Mobekimasu has been opened, I was extremely happy for two reasons: the first being that we will hopefully get many footage and many videos uploaded on the channel that will allow fans to check out what the girls are doing, as well as a hope for future releases other than Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku, but even though the channel might just have been opened for this single, I still think it’s a big step forward for promotion and accessibility.
The channel’s called mbcms which kind of intreegued me at first, but I think that it’s smarter to use the initials for each group as they did instead of the long word Mobekimasu, and even though many fans were used to the long name, this short acronym is really catchy and unique.
Apart from that, the channel has already been loaded with 3 making-of videos for the Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku PV which is something we don’t usually get to soon (making-of’s aren’t released until the Single V is), and I find it great that they used short clips featuring the girls filming the PV since it might attract fans’ attention and if anyone tumbles over the video and sees how energetic the girls are, they might get interested in hearing the single too, so it’s a really smart move from UFA.
Overall, I am really excited now to see the PV since from the previews on the channel, it seems like having all of those girls together on a set is a lot of fun, s hopefully the channel will be updated soon with more previews!
Check out the 3 short Making-Ofs the channel has already released from various bits of the filming such as the dance shot, close-up, backstage moments,etc…

Videos uploaded by: mbcmschannel
The release date is set for 11/16.
Mobekimasu official YouTube channel