One Million coming up! >> CAME >> WENT>> GONE!

Well I came back from work and there were 4 emails regarding one million views!
One couldn't get a picture of the screen, but told me he was 1 mil 04.
One was 1 mil 03.
One was 1 mil 01.
And one was 1 mil! but lost the page and had to "refresh" only to land up as no 1 mil 02!

I am very pleased that people actually read what I post and go through the effort of trying to capture a screen!
Thanks guys!

I will send all 4 of you the dvd! (just gimme a bit of time to get it al together)

1. No-one.

2. "Hey! So I was the 1,000,000 visitor! I hit some stupid fucking key on my keyboard when I was trying to print it though, and the window closed. So I went back and when I loaded it, it was at 1,000,002. I swear I had it at one million though. But you don't have to believe me -- I guarantee you won't get proof from anyone else that they got one million :)

So let me know what you think."

3. "well i wasnt 1,000,000 but i was 1,000,001 lol soo close."


4. "Dirck,

I got 1,000,003... I was going to photoshop it, but honesty won't make me feel guilty. Have a good day <3


PS: Love the blog, post more =)"

4. "Well I tried and save the picture but nothing I did made it save it! Just wanted to let you know that although I did not get one million, I was visitor 1000004!



I don't know if this works, but the person who will be the 1.000.000 visitor will get a dvd from me sent to his/her home with all the pictures I have from all my 3 blogs!

Now the tricky bit: You have to print your screen ("print screen" button) with the stat counter showing 1.000.000 ,save that picture on your computer and mail it to me at:

It sounds very simple but I don't think it is somehow!

Good luck and thanks for following my Emo Boy blog!