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Very seldom I have seen a boy that is so handsome, such an artist,

a photographer with so much talent , and so young!



United States

  • Current Residence: Keizer, Oregon
  • Interests: Modeling, Photography, Graphic Design
  • Favourite movie: The Descent, Cloverfield, All The Boys Love Mandy Lane, The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Favourite band or musician: Owl City, Ashlee Simpson, Dear Juliet, Nickasaur!
  • Favourite genre of music: Indie / Pop / Electronica

Evil Lurks Inside


my name is ryan matthew ehrmantraut. I was born on november 20th. I don't take shit from people. I have gone through a lot this past year and I think it has made me stronger as a person. You get in my face i will get in yours. I am gay. I don't think gender matters when it comes to anything. I am a loving person. I can break your heart. If i wasn't me i would be my friend. I am a very trustworthy person. There are some things in my life I wish i could do over, but so far I have no regrets. life is life, we only live it once. Why not make the best of it. I hate mushrooms and bananas. I am afraid of fish. I have friends all over, but barely any here. Once I have the money I am moving out of this place!

it's written on your face
"This picture was probably the most difficult picture to choose from"

arctic darkness

Speed Up Time

Speed Up Time 2

amour simple


time for a change



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