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The Flaw In Ourselves

No One Knows Better

Lover's Love


Fact Of Life 05
1 Night Stand

Fact Of Life 04
Teen Angst

Fact Of Life 02
Post Doubting


So, Who has ever been raped, violated, sexually assulted,
or merely understand why One would feel dirty,
and compulsively wash after such an experience.

Understandable, isn't it?
Now imagine that horrible, dirty feeling running through every one of Your veins,
right beneath Your skin.

Horrible, isn't it?
One would often judge those Who suffer Self-Mutilation.
Filthy. Horrible. Pathetic. Disgusting. Disgraceful. Coward. Sinner. Evil.
Bad. Immoral. Wimp. Useless. Unworthy. Worthless. Yellow-Belly.
Debris Of The Earth. Wicked. Corrupt. Damaged. Broken. Weak. Scoundrel.
Repulsive. Unseemly. Waste. Reprobate. Degenerate. Good-For-Nothing.
No-Good. Wrongdoer. Repulsive. Miscreant. Malefactor. Trash. Wretched.
Inadequate. Insufficient. Defective. Deficient. Spineless.
Dismal Excuse For A Human Being.

... Shall I Continue???
You're not helping.
And that's not even the half of it.
And You're telling Them this, all the while, They have that horrible,
dirty feeling running through every one of Their veins, right beneath Their skin.

One's sibling has no sense of Self-Respect.
One's Mum continues to inhale from Her cigarette, 'cause "It makes Her feel better".
She has no Will Power.

One's Dad is never happy with Them.
And One shares all of their blood.
Their Filthy, Debilitating Blood.
One doesn't know that only They can make Themselves.
They don't
want to know. It's the only way They can belong.
Rape. Rape. Rape.
They feel so dirty.
So They Clean.
Cut. Cut. Cut.
Clean. Clean. Clean.
Ah! Much Better.
Clean for a little while longer.
Shut The Fuck Up, People, And Help Them.

-Sincerely, Logic.


Be See Like You Beautiful

Anything To Make You Love Me

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