S/mileage – “S/mileage 1″ PB Cover Released

The cover for S/mileage’s 4 original member’s PB titled S/mileage 1 has been released.

As many might know, Saki isn’t within S/mileage anymore to celebrate the release of the awesome first S/mileage PB that features the 4 original members, but I find this PB an amazing opportunity for all of her fans and for 4nin S/mileage fans to enjoy a PB full of wonderful pictures of our beloved 4 girls together in various locations and in different outfits, and enjoy this first and sadly last release as a 4nin S/mileage.

The cover is really exceptional since it shows off how S/mileage-related products are always unique and added with a touch of originality to them weither it’s single covers, posters, DVD covers, etc… and this cover is no exception since it features an image of the girls doing their famous hug pose in the usual line-up with only Ayaka and Yuuka switching places, and they are all wearing original marines outfits made of striped shirts and skirts for Saki and Kanon, and white and blue dresses for Dawa and Yuuka, and I really like how they always settle a similar theme but manage to make each and everyone of them look different and unique.

The setting they are in seems to be a regular room where they are sitting on a floor next to a grey wall with serene face expression on their faces, but the nice touch of the cover is the colored heart shaped wire that circles aorund the member’s heads and forms the title of the PB originally on the free white space in the bottom in the same wire effect, and I specially love how they matched the heart’s different coloring to the member’s initial colors (the heart and text is purple on top and bottom of Kanon, pink for Yuuka, blue for Dawa and green for Sakitty), even though I’d have liked it better if there weren’t that much white space that seems to cut the initial picture.

Overall, I’m really amazed by this cover since it just shows off simply S/mileage in a cute picture with a very cute concept for the title of the PB, and we immediately refer the cover to the girls so hopefully the cover alone will help people to get curious and check out the content of the PB.
The release date is set for 9/26.
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