Fairies celebrate their major debut with a mini performance in Yokohama

Today, idol group Fairies held a debut live event at the Queen’s Square in Yokohama, Kanagawa to celebrate their major debut.

Fairies had their official major debut on September 21st, but the group had rapidly been gathering a lot of fans long before the release of their debut single. This became evident at the event, when the seven young junior high school girls were bathing in loud chants from their fans while putting on two beautiful performances of “More Kiss” and “Song For You“.
Before singing the two songs, the girls heated up the event with a little dance performance that was taught them by DA PUMP’s KENZO.
They sincerely thanked their fans and talked about their big idol, labelmate Amuro Namie. Fujita Miria said, “She’s our most-admired senior, and we are going to work hard in order to be able to get a little closer to her!

After the event, the girls each shared their thoughts. Most of them were amazed by the growth of their audience compared to the events they had before the debut. Inoue Rikako commented, “All the chants that reached us on stage were amazing. They totally lifted our spirit!Nomoto Sora added, “I was really happy that the event attracted a crowd of all ages. There were older people, there were children, and there even were people our age.
The event also deepened their bonds with the fans, as mentioned by Fujita. She said, “I heard people calling my name, at the handshake event people one after another vowed to support me, and some some even gave me letters. That made me so happy.
All those who bought their CD were able to participate in the mentioned handshake event that day.
Fairies are working hard in order to be able to stand on bigger stages in the future, but their future seems to be looking very bright with such a rapidly growing number of fans.