Kago Ai to be placed on 24-hour suicide watch following discharge from hospital

On September 14th, it was revealed that Kago Ai would be put on a 24-hour suicide watch in the wake of her recent suicide attempt.

Kago’s representative in this situation has been spending the night at the hospital to watch over her. Although her physical strength has been steadily returning, her attorney feels nervous about leaving the star on her own, and is said to be looking for people who can be with her for all 24 hours in the day. The preventive measure is obviously quite crucial for Kago, who’s still quite emotional over the ordeal.

“Physically, tomorrow she’ll be in a condition to be able to leave the hospital,” stated her representative. “But since we’re worried about her being alone right now, we’ll be looking for people who can be with her 24/7 (after she gets released from the hospital).” It’s unknown whether or not third party individuals will be allowed to take care of Kago during this time.

The president of her management company also issued another statement. “If her parents are able to come, we’d like to have a face-to-face discussion,” he stated, in hopes that interactions with her relatives might change the situation for the better.

Additionally, it’s been confirmed that Kago’s contract enables her to file for restitution in the case of her boyfriend, Ando Haruhiko. “We met Ando – who Kago introduced to us as her boyfriend in August of last year – but because we heard about his not-so-good reputation, we… added it as a supplementary item to her contract,” said her representative.

Stay tuned for more developments on Kago Ai’s situation.

Source:Tokyo Hive