Mai hagiwara & my rammblings

hello there readers and fellow j pop fans, its friday evening here in england and its been raining cats and dogs all day for the past week, ive been wet then dry then wet again all the week though and its kind of depressing, but alas....i still smile and plod along in my own world, a world filled with anime, manga and hello project as well as housework and loving my wife and cat :-)

anyway, between anime, manga, wife and cat, not to mention housework, watching big brother and the disney channel plus WORK... LOL i do hold down a job too you know.... im finding that posting on my blogs has become a little like a chore and less like fun :-(....i know i still love j pop, AKB48, hello project, k pop and and idols, i love them all, well almost, lol.... however..... what im getting at is that im taking a break from my blog, im not giving up on though im going to post at least once a week although collectors image series is on hiatus at least for now, unless i get requests for images i wont make anymore though .

so anyway ill see you all in a few days please let me know what you think, my feelinbgs might be temporary and i might want to return to blogging everyday again soon, but at the moment im just not feeling it, :-)