Some questions and statements plus answers randomly taken from the web regarding Emo Boys.

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Im a 17 year old emo boy, I love this 13 year old girl, is this wrong?

O.k. im the kind of emo boy with black hair,snakebits and blue eyes. Im friends with a dude my age (17) and he has this emo-scene sister. She has black hair with red high lights, black eyes and is really cute. So cute I like her, maybe more. I told her brother and he said that was weird.

But what really makes me think is that, well a lot of girls at my school like me and one day a preppy cheerleader (not to be a lableir) walked up to me and said:
"hey max, i heard you liked Peter's weird emo sister, why like that brat when you could love some one as old as you. Some one like me?" I didn't know what to do, it made me mad that someone would say that. Then i started to think that is was wrong to like her. What do you think?????
But first let me tell you, we hang out sometimes. We hugged once or twice, but she doesn't know that im in love with her.
What would you do? Do i tell her? Do I just forget about her?

She is 4 years younger than me

i think she likes me.....

Are Emo guys weird??

i luv emo guys...
dey r so hawt..
dey r very sexii n atractive

their fuckin hot

I think EMO guys are totaly cute, And I'm a guy


hot!have you not seen one.

not upclose but ya they r cute (sum) nd it depends....like the first nd secnd 1nz were hot

eyeliner=sexy ok emo boys r hott

sum r hot

there gorgeous > matter which 1s

ya ur right they r gorgous the ones tht r cute (not all)

o yeah cuz i dont really like da 1's that grow there hair REALLY long and i'm like ewws ( not the 1s in those pics down there cuz they r hotyz)

no i luv those but i hate the gay 1nz (kissing guys ewwww XP)

they are not cute, they are not weird, they just are, So leave them be

no thier not weird MOST of them any way then again MOST are drop dead gorgeous u kno wat im sayin

ya i no they r gorgoues rnt they

Emo song:

I'm an emo kid, nonconforming as can be,
you could be nonconforming too if you looked just like me.
I have paint on my nails and makeup on my face.
I'm almost emo enough to start shaving my legs.
'Cause I feel real deep when I'm dressing in drag,
I call it freedom of expression, most just call me a fag!
Because the dudes look like chicks, the chicks look like dykes, 'cause emo is one step below transvestite.
Stop my breathing and slit my throat,
I must be emo, I don't jump around when I go to shows . . .

An Emo Kid, is someone who's EMOTIONAL,
Emotional doesn't necessarily mean sad all the time,
it just means that emotions waver easily.
I'm emo, I'm not always sad,
I don't have a specific emotion that I stick to for attention, just when we do have a strong emotion,
it's very deep and, yes it is kind of a style aswell,
with the drain pipe jeans thing, and the side fringe, except right now I have a foward fringe,
so the stereotype doesnt exactly always apply,
don't judge us, everyone should be allowed to be who they want to be.

Emo kids -
Dedicated in love
Obvious when we're sad or happy
We're not all loners either

Emo Kid Definition:

Ok the proper definition of an Emo kid, I can give.
Now a real Emo kid (not a poser) wears w/e they feel like,
mostly it can be tight jeans (girls) and tight clothes in general and might have a piercing or two and usually wear all black with black hair.
however Emo kids could dress just like normal people,
or sometimes even wear more gothic than Emo clothes really creating a little emo/goth mix trend.
Emo’s almost always have their hair in their face, at least covering one eye, most times both.
Emo kids usually listen to love songs, sad music, and now and then some modern;
they also like metal now and then. now all the hype about Emo kids cutting themselves can be true,
cutting in a way is very addicting,
pulling the Emo kid, into more depression and anger from the cutting causing them to cut more (the depressing music only makes this worse) and some Emo kids don’t cut at all (however most do, simply out of depression)
emo's are very passionate kind, and understand the world a lot more than any stuck up prep, rocker, ect.
And can be very romantic, usually they have hobbies such as: writing poetry, Reading,
Listening to music.
Emo kids usually don’t have many friends and may seem quiet or shy but are actually some of the most social people you'll know once you meet one.

(All these depend on how Emo the subject in question is)
Fact - Emo aren't Emo because they are despised, they are despised because they are Emo.

Fact - Emo’s try to be different...

Fact - The Emos' inner turmoil stems from one crushing fact. They purport to only want to go out in the rain - to hide the tears that stream endlessly down their faces - yet the rain messes up their "ridiculously cool" hair - what to do? You can see the harm this kind of problem inflicts...

Fact - Tell an Emo that you and everyone else understands and cares and they will have a breakdown (depending on how Emo they are)


Kids who have a lot of emotion.
They don't necessarily cut or try to kill themselves.
Some of them just write a lot of poetry to deal with the crappy hand life has dealt them.
I am an emo kid, and I don't appreciate all the anti-emo crap.
We're not all stupid cutters. we don't all want to die.
Some of us just have a hard time.
I write songs and poetry to express the feelings I have.
So for all of you who hate emo kids, take a step back and think about what you mean.
We aren't all stupid, so don't trash us before you get to know us.
Those emo kids are really good at writing poetry.

Isn't it weird that emo boys have such gorgeous eyes?

i know that sounds weird but its always true!
like yesterday i saw these two emos and they had the most beautiful eyes! that actually sparkled i dont know how it happened but it did!

Well actually it cannot be their real colors. They could have contacts or edited the pictures by photoshop.

hahaha,,^^sparkle sauce.


They never get mad. The little fags are always talking about how sad they are, they never smile they never cry they always look dead.

I think they are evil

Emo boys aren't attractive and don't have cute eyes

they edit their pictures,
plus a lot of people
have pretty eyes..not just

cuz they are gay and use that eyeliner **** to make them POP and SPARKLESAUCE.

OMFG I KNOW!! Emos are soo dam hot

I think that it is because they usually have dark hair and dark hair brings out eyes. haha

its sexy as ****!!

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