Fashion according to Diego Dom (18)


Diego Dom

18 year old Industrial Design Student from San Diego-Mexico

Diagme, Shirt from Hb, Shorts from Diesel

18 year old Mexican Industrial design student and fashion junkie.

Completely obsessed with moving to PARIS.

Colour theory believer.

"What I fear the most is not being able to see what’s over the fence."

Hello Kitty has no mouth!
gallery opening

Banana Republic Bicolor Cardigan, P&b Heart Shirt, H&M Black Skinny Jeans, Zara Pointy Shoes

BUDDHA ioho ioho!!

Organic Green Levi's Jeans, Diesel Brown Leather Belt, Max and Chloe for Casa Tibet Mex. Buddha Rosary Chain, Zara Mao Collar Shirt

Paper night

Zara Shirt, Diego Dom Acrylic-metal Necklace, Astral Freaks Pants

Gracias al Cielo ₧!

Dys Sh Gloves, Zara Shirt, H & M Shorts



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Boots from Wolverine, D Pants from Diesel, Coat from Diego Dom, Belt from Diego Dom

The Story of a Shoe A lost shoe.

About this look

When you feel like you´re floating, that you might use it forever....
Suddenly, it was 9:45pm, we were right on time to go back home and get ready
for a party at EO.

The story of a shoe. But not any shoe. A lost shoe.

I was wearing skinny jeans and my white Elena Gallen blouse, and my shoes,
my comfortable and industrialized purple shoes.

You know, like when you go out and you have the feeling that it´s going to be
a good night. I was with my friends, rockin' my outfit, everybody were looking fit,
I was great, until....
I spilled a whole glass of tequila on my white blouse! I was
feeling good so, I decided to forget it running straight to the bar to get one more double shot of tequila.

Five double shots later I was completely out and I fell asleep. I woke up after
several hours, I was home. It wasn't untill I got into my room that I realized I
had on only one shoe! wow so damn cliché

I knew that I had thrown it away the left one....
bloody hell! It was my favourite!

I will never see the left shoe, so I can say good bye to my comfortable
and industrialized purple shoes.

Why? Well...Jeffrey Campbell, I'm a shoe addict! I'm an industrial design
student, DESIGN is my life :D. So I believe it's a great opportunity to be able
to take my ideas to another level, and for this captive design team, GREAT!

Actually my final project for school is making a sustainable pair of shoes!
so yeah I'm working on more ideas and renders but you can see some of my
designs on my blog:


by Ira G., 18 year old vampire ghost machine from Manila

26 comments / 5 Love / January 27, 2010


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About this look

For once, it was quite cold at midday here in the Philippines so I was able to actually dress up in something more than the usual air-flow-inducing clothes we have to wear. Met up with Yen and decided to photograph them clothes.

Ira's blog:
Ira's site:


by Ziggy Hilton, 21 year old Fashion Designer / Photo Stylist from Paris

65 comments / 8 Love / November 25, 2009


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