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I am a Portrait Photographer

iraisavampire aka Ira Giorgetti


Just me in my room late at night with nothing better to do than take dark self-portraits


Without Hope

Broken Dragon


Skinny Jeans

Ira Giorgetti

boys will be boys


I Like It Rough

Ira is a Christmas Vampire


I have no morals.
I find sleep to be boring and a waste of time.
I'm very perceptive.
Oh yeah I'm a vampire.
Photography is my life.
I don't believe in conglomerism.
Sexy and undead just go together.
I'm a national scholar.
Yes, I'm quite vain.
I'm interested in blood and whatnot.
I can be mean if I want to be.
I'm one of the most determined people you will ever meet.

Penguins and Beanie Hats



Awaken The Pheonix

Loose and Lazy

origins of symmetry

Bored in my room, lookin' for that damned box of Lucky Charms.
Yes, yes it's freakin' 32 degrees Centigrade in there, ugh.
Self-timer + Tripod.

I'm just another Filipino-Italian here that loves taking photos of things.
Oh yeah, I'm a vampire. I like photography. A lot. And vodka. Yeah.

brothers in blood

Look at this space design "kissing" device!!!!!

Mar. 10, 2010 at 9:02pm with 375 notes

REMEMBER: March 10 2010!!

On the internet, social networking and working on photos, having a glass of vodka.

This is me almost every night.
Of course I don't edit my other self-portraits on a nightly basis but I just felt like they should be on the screen while I took this shot.
I'm extremely bored and in a state of constant procrastination.

24 March 2008

Anything from Britney Spears to crepe flambe. 
Was just really bored, decided to make this in the wee hours of the morning.