collectors image No.202 super girls

Hello and welcome to the all new look hello project xtreme, its been a little slow this month and for that i am sorry, i have taken a large loss in visitors and i hope to get you all coming back over the next few weeks.

Today i have posted two new hp digital books as well as our new 'recent japanese idol magazine downloads' also an akb48 book as well as this all new collectors image and a few other posts, my aim is to try and regain my daily[almost] posting habits, and in order for me to get this site back on its feet i have had to cut my other site japanesextreme, fear not however for all the content that would have featured there will now feature here, so you get all the magazines and akb48 stuff here, the more mature idol downloads are now over on our sister site which is the only other site i own that remain updated, so please visit there too :-)