collectors image No.201 park bom

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hello friends, followers and passers by, i hope you all stay a while and look though my web page, above these words is our first ever 2ne1 collectors image, youll find more over the coming weeks along with other great k pop groups like girls generation and 4 minute to name just a few.

while i have your attention ill tell you a few things that might be of interest, firstly is to close, this isnt because nobody visits, we do get a lot of followers and hits over there too, however i dont feel i can offer a great variaty of content and feel that the core content we offer there can be either posted here on or over on our sister site the fantastic which offers much more than just yuko ogura, its giving you lots of cute idols to choose from, so vist there.

on a final note our our second wordpress site is going to be paused, this site is going to remain active just incase something happens to this one, so bookmark that page so that if you ever find this one gone for some reason you will be able to visit there and i will continue there with HPXtreme, for now though i wont be posting anymore there unless the worst happens :-)

so in a nutshell, this site is the main site we will continue to bring you great content here, and the only other place i shall be posting is which you should visit its cool :-)