collectors image No.200 ai takahashi

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wow guys, were at 200 with these collectors images and i kind of struggled to find something for 200, at first i was going to try to find a really nice group shot of all of hello project, couldnt find a new one though that looked cool enough, then i thought maybe and akb48 image but no, i like them here occasionally but not to mark the 200th image, then i found this fantastic image of ai takahashi, the woods are lovly and she looks radiant, so it had to be, i hope you enjoy this image and continue to return and view the series in the future.

next i have to appologise, i have had a slight change of heart in my plans to bring each HP! group to you in the collectors image series at this time, the plan was to bring you dream morning musume next followed by the sub groups, however im going to postpone those [not forever they will happen sometime soon] and bring you some more random images.

with 201 we see our first k pop image with BOM from 2NE1, they have recently released a japanese album as have girls generation so i hope you like the k pop images to come :-)