super ☆ girls super post

the super girls are pretty new to the world of idols so i havent really noticed them up until recently, theres been a couple of posts a few photobook collections which if you click the lable link at the foot of this post you can look at those again if you missed them the first time around, anyway this super post contains images and videos and bits on the super girls :-)

 super girls have 12 members  :-)

and here you can put the names to the faces :-)

1. Ganbatte Seishun
2. Hatsukoi GRAFFITI
3. Ganbatte Seishun(Instrumental)
4. 初恋グラフィティ(Instrumental

in january 2011 only 6 members of the idol group super girls appeared in the japanes magazine young gangan which if you look pack we would have posted on this blog or over on our sister site

cover to 1st album