take a look at our new blogs

this first blog of our two new blogs http://www.cultxtreme.blogspot.com/ will feature all your fave cult tv, movie and manga anime and toys, its going to be a little news hub for whats coming out in the world of fantasy and sci fi and what to look out for from the worlds of doctor who and other great shows

the second blog is http://www.japanesextreme.blogspot.com/ both links can be found at the right of this post, this site is very new, so the real logo design hasnt been finalised yet and the look is basic but give it a look, ive started posting already and will post more over the coming days, the idea of this blog is to showcase anime soundtrack music, anime episodes, manga as well as idols magazines and other japanese related products.

so please follow me at both those sites and ill be offering lots of fun downloads very soon, many thanks.