the morning musume girls appologise on there blogs

Reina's apology translated by Rakkety

"I have noticed that some of my actions have been inappropriate as of late、
and to all the people I've offended I offer up my most sincere apologies。
I shall be more careful with my actions from now on。

Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu。"
thank you for all the comments you're all written
I've read them all
So grateful for the encouragements
I really didn't want to update anymore but
when I read all your comments I had the urge to post。 。 。
so I'm sorry for doing it so late
I still want to make this blogging experience enjoyable so when I settle down I'll begin again
Please look forward to it。"

Sayumi's apology translated by ikujinashi

"To everyone who read this blog
Good morning.
I'm very sorry for not having updated for these two days, and having caused a lot of trouble and worry.

As of late, I haven't been thinking enough and I've been hurting people.

There's nothing I can say to make up for what I did when I hurt those people, I'm very sorry.
For the two days that I didn't update my blog, I felt very lonely.
But, I did read all the comments!
For all of you who left comments, thank you so much.
Even though I'm like this,
and because of me I couldn't update,
there were people who worried for me...
And many people wrote supportive comments,
it made me really happy.
Very, very happy.
It made me think that "there are people who wait for Sayumi!" and it made my heart feel stronger, and it cheered me up a lot.
I was thinking that if it's only me it's impossible,
but everyone is there and because of that I was able to start a blog... and I felt again that being able to do that was something
I was very, very happy and blessed with.
And I realized that I really love writing in my blog.
The energy and strength happiness that I receive from everyone...
It's difficult to put into words...
But the warm feelings I feel from everyone.

I'm very, very, very happy about that, and when I read the comments I was at the verge of tears many times. (laugh)

I will work hard so that I will somehow be able to return something to all of you.
Please look over me.

I will be careful so that nothing like this will
never happen again. I'm very sorry.

I will continue to blog, please take care of me.
Michishige Sayumi"

Eri's apology translated by Rakkety

"I、Kamei Eri does not have her own blog、
so I shall be borrowing this blog to voice my apologies。
This has all been caused by my lack of maturity and judgment、
To all the people that I may have hurt with this incident、
or angered due to my actions, I offer up my most sincere apologies。

I am very sorry。

I have reflected on what I did and I will be more careful in the future with my actions。
I am really sorry。

Kamei Eri"

i have reposted these blog translation appologies to hopefully draw a line under the whole situation, these girls did something silly but no real harm has been done, as far as im concerned there forgiven :-)