Matt Maniaq (18 years)


Talented young Photographer from South Africa!!

All pictures copyright!!!

’m not some smart-ass kid who tries to impress people by being someone I’m not, why would I be someone else if I could stand out by being myself?
I’ve been through a lot in my short time of being here , Yes I get teased a lot for being different, sorry I’m not mainstream.

My hair color is far gone from its natural color,
It's a very well known, and provable, fact that people can get far too obsessed with me.
My life revolves around my friends, art, music, movies, photography, books, magazines and fashion.
I take pictures to capture the beauty I see.

I would be nothing without my friends, they are the ones who make me feel like I can achieve anything. My friends aren’t just the people I’ve grown up with and learned to love but also the ones I’ve only met recently, everyone I know has been a huge influence in my life.
I love laughing at people and making lame jokes.

Currently I’m spending around 70% of my time writing a book, you remember books right? Those primitive versions of DVDs? Those funny pages bound together with words on them that your parents told you about?

Remember: All pictures copyright!!!