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Jesse Elektraa

You can call me Jesse.
I’m 21, French, tall,
and skinny (I chose it)
Not emo, please grow up guys.
I’m not here for fame.
I go to University.

I try to be as nice as possible
only if I get what I deserve back.
I don't give a fuck about my layout,
it won't make me sexier.
I'm not a bitch giving head
to every guy as hot as they may be.
I am deeper than that.
I can do on my own,
being alone is better than wasting time and kisses.
Mine are so precious.

I try to make people happy
even though my own happiness is left behind.
I don't usually speak about what makes my heart heavy even though the holes weighing on people tell much more about them. Well I guess.

Anyway I wont do a therapy session here.

I will write something brilliant later, or not.
Bye Bye Jesse

Location: France

Age: 21

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"Beautiful no matter what they say!"