"Hate e-mail?"


Got this email and don't know if this a personal experience or what?!

Any (serious) comments welcome please!

I was upset and angry to hear your blog describe emos as "Usual nice people" and "Normal, just like you"

You are misguided. Emo's are viscious, vindictive people, capable of terrible things. I promise you that emos are bigoted, nasty, arrogant, self centered and wholly unpleasant. They are promiscuous, they abuse more drugs than normal people and care only for themselves. I am presuming that you are gay; Well, so am i, and i activly promote gay rights. And no gay man
should support emos as they simply do not care about anyone but themselves. they couldnt care two hoots about gay issues; you'll support them, they wont support you. I am offended with emo's link to gay issues. Emos are dark, ugly, pugnacious little trolls and should be avoided at ALL costs. These selfish creatures should not be given publicity to their attention seeking, arrogant way of life.

take down your blog, replace it with pictures of normal gay men, then you might be doing something worthwhile.

Ps: I cannot see my "stat counter" (visitors counter)

, please can someone tell me where we are at?

Thanks Dirck