Emo Poem: "Guns and Knives "

It’s fun to play with guns and knives,
And be there just to risk my life,
To put just myself in danger,
With a lethal unfamiliar stranger.
I couldn’t care less,
With the way I dress,
Or the way I look,
But I do with my life that you took.
You say my head is wrong,
And that my heart is badly torn,
You don’t know how wrong you are,
I just want to go so far.
Just so far away from them,
And always be able to defend,
Myself so that I don’t get beated,
So badly and so differently treated.

March 7th 2008 by nuk in emo poems



Now you’re nobody

So, something I was trying to stall
Made its way to you
And you rush in
Like you always do
Hmm, everything I have is spent
and I've got used to you

Don't you let
Your mind play tricks on you

You don't have to do anything that's new,
but seein' you try to wins me back
with no big heart attacks
It's all been one big act
Cos now you're nobody
I'll have you
I'll have it all