Another Internet viewers voice:

I think emo is just another label but my definition of it will be for real. Personally I used to cut but I stopped. Take it from me It’s hard to stop! I am bi but I’m not afraid of it! People shouldn’t judge us for what we do and who we are. Emo is a music genre but also a state of mind. If you’re emo don’t be afraid of it. It’s just who you are! It’s perfectly normal to have a sensitive side although I’m sassy sometimes. I’m really sensitive 90% of the time. I love being who I am though I get bullied a lot. I actually don’t care. Well in my opinion emo is just how people describe over-sensitive people. I write tons of poetry and I’m in middle school. I am not ashamed to say I like boys; ever since I was 9 I have liked boys. I can’t help how I feel! But over the summer I’ve changed a bit. I’m not AS sensitive, but I still am. I don’t let people put me down. Emo is just about being sensitive and expressing how you feel about something. If you get suicidal thoughts, talk to someone, trust me! Don’t make the mistake I made. I am a lot better off without blades.