ANDREJ PEJIC may be the most beautiful boy in the world, but his secret isn't just great genes: his long-time friend and trusted hairdresser Glenn Conroy - at Lockonego on the King's Road in Chelsea - is his first port of call as soon as he arrives in London.

"I have known Andrej for around nine years; he's a family friend from back in Melbourne," Conroy told us as he straightened Pejic's long blonde locks. "I've been looking after Andrej's hair for around two years since he arrived in London. He's such a beautiful person inside and out I'm really blessed to have him as a friend."

So, when travelling around the world working with designers from Jean Paul Gaultier to Marc Jacobs, does Pejic heed his friend's advice to allow his hair to recover from the styling his job requires?

"No!" Pejic laughed. "I like to tease it up a bit," he said, prompting eye-rolling from Conroy, before admitting his must-have products paradoxically included "conditioner" and "bleach".

Source: Andrej Pejic Portfolio via: (British) VOGUE

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