Big Bang Wins World Wide Act at the MTV EMA

The name of Big Bang and k-pop are all over the wolrd after winning the World Wide Act Category at the MTV EMA.
For weeks VIPs and k-pop fans have been online supporting Big Bang on the MTV EMA and during the past hours it was the most talked topic on the EMA Twitter tracker beating world celebrities like like Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, Eminem and more.
The members of Big Bang were able to win the World Wide Act category beating Britney Spears, Lena and Replay.
At the moment the winner was announced the crowd started screaming, showing the presence of a lot of k-pop fans in the audience. Leader G-Dragon accepted the award and thanked the fans who helped in Korean, taking the proud of k-pop to a whole new level. Taeyang was in charge of the English speech, thanking fans once again as well as their company YG.
Congratulations to Big Bang and YG for taking k-pop's name to the ears of the whole world!