hello project digital photobooks

Hello! Project Digital Books No.60 Tanaka Reina
[H!P Digital Books] 2009.10 No.60 Tanaka Reina 田中れいな [90P65.3MB]

Hello! Project Digital Books No.65 Eri Kamei
[H!P Digital Books] 2010.03 No.65 Eri Kamei 亀井絵里 [112P87.7MB]

Hello! Project Digital Books No.67 Koharu Kusumi
[H!P Digital Books] 2010.05 No.67 Koharu Kusumi 久住小春 [109P77.2MB]

above are three h p digital photobook downloads that i might have missed originally, so there offered here, i posted some older hp digital photobooks a few days ago too, if any more crop up ill post those too, please forgive me if im reposting stuff i might have already posted , i sometimes forget and lose track :-)