Catfight: Schoolgirl Versus Jock Video

This Vid Is WAAAAY Better Than The Screenshot Shows. These Girls Deserve An Academy Award. Hell, If Marissa Tomei Got One...

SUMMARY: When A Schoolgirl Tries To Study For Her Exams, Her Jock Roommate Cranks Up The Music While Exercising. The Schoolgirl Gets Pissed Off And Jumps On The Jock, Slapping Her In The Face While Pinning Her Down. Then All Hell Breaks Loose As The Jock Attacks The Schoolgirl, Tearing Open Her Shirt. They Start A Slap Fight And As Soon She Has The Pigtailed Little Bitch On The Ground, The Jock Starts Forcing Herself On Her. The Schoolgirl Tries To Resist But They Both End Up Naked And Grinding Each Other Into A Frenzy Of Orgasms.