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We have all seen these scene kids before- the boys and girls at music shows with the tight jeans, ratty hair, and oversized sunglasses. In just a few short years, the scene culture's popularity has skyrocketed. Scene kids are often stereotyped as "emo kids;" this is a common misconception.

source "How to be a Scene Kid": WikiHow 

Where do the names come from?
Having a cool online name is an option. One notoriously scene attribute is having an alliteration as a screenname (i.e. Kiki Kannibal, Allie Apathetic, David Disaster). When considering a scene name, try to avoid commonly-used words such as "massacre," "br00tal," "suicide," "murder," "terror," "vanity," "horror," "gore," "glamour," or "chaos." Also, don't use the word "scene" or "emo" in the name at all.

Hair is one of the most important aspects of looking scene. One of the most popular choices is to dye your hair black, and then add in neon or bright coloured streaks.

George Boleyn

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Astley (Copyright!)

Astley (Copyright!)

You see them everyday. The kids with bangs over their eyes, tight shirts and tight pants; the kids rebelling against everything with their bright hair and eye-liner and shiny metal; the kids with the bags and the shirts bearing names of bands you’ve never heard of. The scene kids. And sometimes you wonder how they did it, and wonder if you might be one of them if you knew all their secrets.

Biggest scene right now is the emo kids, and thankfully, there are already a million websites, blogs and quizzes that are dedicated to how to be emo

Next you have the punk scene. This requires you to be bold and rebellious.

Lastly you have the choice of being indie. This requires you to either be very patient and knowledgeable, or an extremely good liar/bluffer. Obscurity is your friend. Only listen to bands that are on indie labels, and bonus points if the band’s from another country.

 Source: How to be Scene

    The official guide: Scene Kids

    How in the world are you supposed to pick the right scene kid clothes without coming off as emo? It is difficult, but just try to stay original. You actually has a lot more choice if you were to stick with comparing used scene clothing with new stuff. There are lots of funky patterns out there that will make an original scene kid.

    Even though the scene kid name that you pick is important. You can have lots of fun picking out a name that will stand out. A good trick is to use a thesaurus and check out the different synonyms for a particular word. A great site to use is Enter a word that describes high emotion and check out the results. Here is a short list of words and their synonyms that you can use as your scene kid second name.
    plush : juicy, luscious, fresh, deluxe, tender
    terror : dread, fright, panic, shock
    love : flame, passion, worship, crush, delight
    scary : spooky, creepy
    happy : sunny, tickled pink, jolly, intoxicated, peppy
    confused : baffled, unglued, unzipped, glassy-eyed, punchy, puzzled, messy, mistaken

    It is best to keep your scene kid names short. Some scene kids choose a scene kid name that is too long to remember. I have heard of one such name that is impossible to remember : Lauren Straight Edge Eyeliner Bleeding. Try to use just two names and remember to add some bazazz to your first name by including  an z or any.

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    How to Find Awesome Music (for Scene Kids)

    • Rock, Hard Rock, Classic Rock
    • Skate Punk, Electronic Punk Rock
    • Hardcore, Metalcore, Deathcore, Hair Metal
    • Indie
    • Techno, Dance, Trance, Happy Hardcore, Crunkcore, Electronica/Electro
    • Alternative hip-hop and maybe artists such as Lil Wayne, Kanye West, T Pain, and the Gym Class Heroes
    • Emo, Screamo

    Matthew Lush

    Scene haircuts: website

    Scene kids are setting the fashion trend with hairstyles, haircuts, clothing and a lifestyle that is original, or unique.

    Scene Kids Hairstyles: website

    Scene kids are best identified through their scene hairstyles.
    Both genders have many choices for their scene hairstyles. Black or blonde is the dominant color for scene kids. They have the option to razor in or straighten their hair. Most scene kids are usually seen with neon colors with black, leopard or zebra print obsessed hair.

    Also see my post: Kaiden Blake

    Also see my post: Kaiden Blake

    Scene Kids Lyrics: LyricsMania

    I'm Scene... Obscene!
    I've got to sex you up,
    I've got to sex you up,
    I've got to sex you up with HELLO KITTY, GLOOMY BEAR!

    Most pictures for this post were found on Scene King (Italian) on FaceBook!
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    George Boleyn

    George Boleyn


    Website: Stuff Scene Kids Like


    George Boleyn

    Chris Dakota

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    Sam Llansing

     Randy romance

    Go to shows. After all, that's where the scene is, and that's why they're called scene kids.

    Get the attitude. Think that you are absolutely, without a doubt, the most gorgeous person on the face of the planet.

    Become active on MySpace & FaceBook. Post a plethora of pictures of yourself and shows you've been to.

    Get scene hair. You can also have different colours in your hair, but it's not a must. The weirder it is, the more scene.