Sex: male
Age: 20
Location: , New York, United States
Orientation: Straight
Status: Single


Sex: male
Age: 22
Location: PRESTON, Lancashire, near Manchester, United Kingdom
Orientation: Straight

I am Sam

I'm not a vampire or a freak but at 6'4, I guess I am taller than most people...
I drink an absolute plethora of water and coffee.
I am pedantic, methodical, honest, blunt, opinionated and I'm not afraid to speak my mind, regardless of the situation.
Saying that, I am incredibly polite, as manners don't cost anything... if people wanna be rude, then fine, but that's their choice...

This is my second account. My first account got deleted at nearly 6000 rates.
Even though I appear online, I'm not always at my computer, I just don't sign out.
And yeah, I am obviously the age I say I am, even though I may not look it...

Sex: male
Age: 22
Location: West Haven, Connecticut, United States
Status: In a relationship

Hey what's up kids im Wesley Valentine,21 years 5'5 ..pretty short....anyways NOT emo,goth,straith edged or just me..i dont lable my self b/c i think it's pretty stupid...anyways i have an alwsome life,i work alot, im a busnnes person, i try not to have problems with anyone. a perfect life for me ..i cant ask for anything else.. i have friends ,money, , ...also im the owner of the "Bullet For My Valentine" fan club any questions.. just email me at

"I really hate it when other people pretend to be me!...Fakes!!
like this one .... and this one .... and this one!! Grrrrrr

Age: 23
Location: STL, Missouri, United States

I'm Timmey or DF call me what you prefer and I reply to all comments so xP

Feel free to chat about anything.

Have a conversation with me, =].
I'll talk to anyone even someone who keeps me trapped in their closet
I will talk to them too, haha.

I care a lot about my looks [not conceited] I just feel better if I'm happy with how I look.

Yes I do shave and wax all over ;) Only hair I like on my body is on top of my head.

I do wear makeup, and yes it does cost a pretty
good amount for all that I put on haha.

I have a geek side as well
I go to anime conventions
I am a Trekker [Trekkie for others]
I love musicals
I am a hardcore gamer.
I do play WoW & Xbox Live constantly


Location: Winnipeg, MB.
Age: 21

Kat Von D, HorrorFlicks, Anything with
scary Zombies. Makeup, Shopping,Batman
DC,Video Games, Coke, Sleeping.

Slow Drivers, Cocky People, Scabs,
Socks With Holes, and Paris Hilton,

From one of Billy's many fans!!

Sex: male
Age: 17
Location: , , Macedonia
Status: Single

My name is BAZE (i know it sounds strange), im 17 years old and im from Macedonia as you can see a little bit up from here :P.
Anyway i'm straight and I have one piercing now yay (:! . I'm shy and quiet :/ . I have habit to write emoticons very often =].
If u rate me i'll rate u back,if u ask me i'll answer.
That's for now if u want to know something more add me on msn and ask, also add me like a friend i don't bite... much xD

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I'm fucking sick of them: