fretful disposition


amidst the plethora of life’s vital essence
he finds no harmony nor even ample breathing space
relentlessly he battles to conquer what is rightfully his
with no victory in sight,
a ravaged exterior he embraces as the sole reward of his fight

he knows not virtue nor honour has he cognized
wavering are his principles, his ingenuity never realized
incessant are his desires and gluttonous his wants
flawed are his qualities, lacks he the adroitness to flaunt

on the path of insurmountable challenge he wilfully stumbles
looses his footing and elementary tasks he often fumbles
yet the faith to march-on remains undaunted
the credence for success untainted

why is this strength in the face of inevitable fallibility not the strength we yonder?
why are we constantly enamoured by momentary splendour?
will we ever grasp the allure of the journey?
or will we forever be victimized by the destination craving tourney?


With kind permission of Matt Xis