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Emo was initially used to be defined as genre of music from

80s and was generally used in context with a subculture that

was influenced by punk rock music subculture. Emo was

typically contemplated as reserved, loner, calm,

touchy and frequently influenced by his or her music.

However over the years,

things have changed drastically. Emo has emerged into a

separate culture or society that has its own fashion,

customs, ideas, values, traditions and personalities.

Emo fashion for Boys is mostly characterized by of a set of

defined concepts like:

Clothing -Tight fitted Jeans, striped polo shirt and

T Shirts displaying the name of some Emo band;

Hairstyles - Hair dyed black with long fringes and brushed

straight; other accessories – belts with large buckles,

black or bold colored sports shoes. Like any other fashion,

Emo fashion is slowly coming off ages and witnessing

new trends over the years. Teenagers or younger generations

always lead fashion statements and Emo boys are no exception.

With ever increasing popularity of Emo fashion,

many super stores have started selling various fashion

merchandise and accessories under separate categories

such as - Emo boys, Emo girls and Emo kids.

Many reputed online auctioneers are selling Emo Boys

fashion wears, apparels, leather goods and accessories,

and sunglasses.

Emo Makeup for Boys
Emo culture and society demands that Emo make up should

be an essential part of Emo hairstyles, Emo fashion and

Emo dress to establish an overall Emo identity distinctly.

Emo make up for Boys and Girls vary from each other,

though the basic rules are alike.

Basic materials used in Emo Boys make up may include

mascara, eyeliner, eye-paint and powder.

Emo Boys should follow these easy instructions:

To lighten skin tone, small amount of face powder

is applied on face after applying a very light foundation

and powder can also be used on the neck;

Sometimes a masking tape is used initially and after

applying the powder the tape is removed;

Emo Boys should use a standard Emo eyeliner or eye-paint

close to eye lashes, but in a small quantity;

Sometimes Emo boys also use eye shadow,

but not with bright sparkling color; Emo boys may also

wear lipstick but very light; lip gloss is usually applied

for making lips shiny. If you’re not sure how to do your

Emo make-up, then you should consult some

make up artist who is specialized in Emo make up for

deciding suitable color that matches your skin.

How should Emo Boys Dress
Hairstyle is important
Emo is a sense of fashion that is currently been worn

by those who are even in their early thirties.

Men and boys who dress in Emo fashion have a taste for

skulls and broken hearts and it’s the hairstyle and the

makeup that sets them apart. The hairstyle is almost

called artsy farsty. Though variations may occur,

the hair is cut short at the back and is long in the front.

Eye makeup
Boys like to sport the emo attitude and also some accessories

such as studs in both ears. Many also like to wear the

black rimmed glasses to give the look.

Well you can wear the black rimmed glasses even if

you can see just fine. Eye liner and eye shadow is

worn both by boys and girls. In fact the eyes are the

focal points of attention.

Slim fit clothes

Slim fitted tees in black color with some message are

de rigueur for the boys.

Some of the symbols are the skulls, broken hearts,

bleeding heart and the wall

that are embossed on the tee shirts. The jeans are slim fit

and almost skin

tight. Dark colors like black are the way to dress.

Belt and shoes

To offset so much black in the attire, white belt is popular .

These belts may

have metal clips, studs or other metal accessories.

Black converse shoes are just

fine to complete the entire look.

Emo Tattoos for Boys by Emo Styles

Tattoo practice is a world wide phenomenon.

Origins of tattooing go way back to

tribal communities, but over the years tattoos have

become part of a fashion statement. Tattoos can be put on

any part of the body, starting from face,

shoulders, chest, sternum, armpit, forearm, back, and legs.

Tattooing as an art

is very popular all over the world among various subcultures

and emo culture is not exception.

Like piercings, tattoos are also very popular with Emo boys.

Generally Emo boys like to have more tattoos than emo girls,

emo boys tattoos are also usually larger than those from emo girls.

Let’s name just a few popular Tattoos among Emo boys:

gothic tattoos, tattoos with slogans or inscriptions, nautical star

tattoos, guitar or other rock music instruments tattoos

Emo Hairstyles for Boys in 2008 by Emo Styles

With ever changing trends in hairstyles, Emo hairstyles are

also witnessing hot and stylish trends.

Emo hairstyles used to resemble the hairstyles sported by

musicians of the 80s and punk hairstyles of the last decade.

Hair dyed black with long fringes and brushed straight

is turning out to be history for Emo hairstyles.

Some spectacular new trends in Emo hairstyles are

emerging up in 2008. When it comes to hairstyles,

girls are always the first to adopting new trends and craze.

How can Emo Boys afford to lag behind Emo Girls in

hairstyle trends? Emo Boys are also in the race

with Emo Girls for stylish hairstyles. It is a fact that hairstyles

play an important role in your overall look and can drastically alter

your individuality and Emo Boys have realized it very well.

Emo Boys are comingoff age by doing away with the standard

patterns. They started sporting astounding and

distinctive hairstyles.

Emo Fashion icons and celebrities are trend setters in

any fashion segment and hairstyles are not exception.

Emo Boys hairstyles are seeing huge impact of celebrity

hairstyles. If you don’t want to miss the bus, l

ook around for ever changing trends of Emo Boys hairstyles in



-plugs, lipring, and guyliner

- blak hair w/ banana stripe and "emo swoop"

- fellbleed shirt

-white belt

- "obscure" band pins

-full sleeve tattoos

- girl jeans

- checkerd vans


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