SERIES BOYS 6 ROBBIE - "ROB(OT)" (16 years)


A very good series from Josh of Milkboys!
Don't know why, but he found these first!

Im 16 I lied

I automatically like you.. until you do something that will piss me off,
like be an ass,,,, mainly

i flirt with everyone...

i hate being home

i wish the 70's style would come back.

And some more I found myself with "a little help from a friend"

im not looking for the love of my life... i very rarely fall in love with anyone i date.

i will dance for hours...doing the same thing over and over,,i never said i was a good dancer ^-^

i love hair... especailly if it smells good :)

i walk slower than anyone youll ever meet

music controls my mood

im homeschooled

im really skinny.. but im obsessed with food? doesnt make sense to me either...

i stay up at night
and sleep at day

but i dont feel like writing anymore ^-^