The Internet can “make or break” you as we all know. You do something right, you will read about it on the net, equally if you do something stupid, something wrong, or something not generally accepted!

These following 3 chapters are about a young boy who 3 years ago “unknowingly” started a wave of excitement caused by pictures of him being posted, uploaded, downloaded, and dumped on web- and blog sites the world over at the age of 15!
(Mostly by bored or excited High School girls I presume)
Some of the comments on blog sites go like this: “Who the hell is this boy? I see him everywhere on the net! Can someone PLEEEEEZ tell me! I am desperate to find out!”

Now 18 and a University student this fad has not diminished, on the contrary, people are eagerly waiting for new pictures to be published on a daily basis! He does not even live in the USA!

Before I tell you who we’re talking about, first a few facts regarding the total views of some of his pictures doing the rounds:
views Total 64,589.jpg
views Total 71,286.jpg
views Total 103,747.jpg
views Total 115,769.jpg
views Total 136,889.jpg
views Total 153,820.jpg

Than there is the one “You Tube” video that was posted by himself due to fans: “Popular demand”!
No less than:
views Total 460, (updated: 8 November 2008)
These numbers are just unheard of!
Every time a new picture is posted it sees well over 1000 viewings within the first 48 hours!

Read more in chapter II