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Short Black Hair With Blond

 Blond is commonly added to black as an easy way to make great contrast. Colors often fade quickly and require a lot of care. So does bleached hair but atleast you dont need to redye all the time.



Classic Short Black Emo Hair

 Classic hairstyle, perfect for boys but can also easily fit a girl.


Short Black Hair With Colour

 A More extravagant version of the classic short black scene hair


Short Blond Scene Hair


Love and Friends



 ..............And there are plenty albums for girls too!


Pink Scene Hair

Natural Colours

 Red Scene Hair


Long Blond Scene Hair with Black

Long Black Scene Hair With Blond

Short Blond with Color

 Long Black & Blond Scene Hair

Green Scene Hair

Long Black Scene Hair With Colour

Long Blond Scene Hair with Colour

 Purple Scene Hair

 Blue Scene Hair

Scene Coontails