super idol download No.1

hello and welcome to the ever improving helloprojectxtreme, we hope you enjoy the content we put out and we want to know if were letting you down in any way so please comment and tell us what you would like to see in the future, anyway this post is the 1st in a new regular posting series of idol girl downloads, so let us know your views on this, enjoy :-)
Young Jump 2011 No.08
[ヤングジャンプ] 2011 No.08 柏木由紀 竹富聖花 [12p]

WPB-net Deluxe Sae Miyazawa
[WPB-net Deluxe] 2010.03 Sae Miyazawa 宮澤佐江 『Vitamin Sae』 [89P+2Mov]

WaniBooks Gravure Collection No.79 Rika Sato
[Wanibooks] 2011.01月号 #79 さとう里香 Rika Sato [250P214.4MB]

VYJ No.107 Seika Taketomi
[VYJ] No.107 Seika Taketomi 竹富聖花 [22P16.8MB] COVER GIRL Ayaka Sayama
[] COVER GIRL 佐山彩香 2011.01.20 [100P115.3MB]

Young Magazine 2011 No.07
[ヤングマガジン] 2011 No.07 板野友美 日向泉 原幹恵 [17p] Yuzuki Hashimoto ~ Present Gallery
[] 现役女子高生 Present Gallery 橋本柚稀  2010 [51P+1Mov170MB]

YS Web Vol.383 Yuuna Takamiya
[YS Web] Vol.383 高宮優南 Yuuna Takamiya 『美脚☆女子大生』 [48P63.9MB]

Monthly Young Magazine 2011 No.01
[月刊ヤングマガジン] 2011 No.01 SKE48 [21p]

Young Champion 2011 No.02
[ヤングチャンピオン] 2011 No.02 松井玲奈 松井珠理奈 大杉亜依里 牧野結莉亜 篠原冴美 [16p]